Ashton Parish Council

Serving the people of Ashton Parish

Clerk: Sue Henson

Tel: 07730 762784

Vision Statement

Ashton Parish Council Vision:

To make Ashton Parish an attractive, safe and vibrant place to live and work.

The Aims of Ashton Parish Council:

• To ensure a Parish-wide community spirit; encouraging the development of a strong, inclusive and vibrant community.

• To ensure the character and unique environment of the Parish is protected and improved for future generations of residents.

• To provide an effective, responsive, professional, transparent and accountable local Government that is a strong voice for residents and local businesses.

The Objectives of Ashton Parish Council:

• To facilitate greater parishioner engagement to better understand and communicate the views, needs and aspirations of residents to statutory and non-governmental bodies as required.

• To improve the management and governance of the Parish Council and to manage the Council's assets and finances effectively and in accordance with statutory requirements.

• To create partnerships with external organisations in order to deliver our vision and to help shape the provision of effective local services.

• To respond to planning applications and other statutory consultations on time, ensuring that recommendations adhere to statutory regulations and reflect the interests of the community.

• To ensure that Councillors and Staff have access to high quality training and development opportunities and that Councillors and staff meet all required standards.

• To keep informed of changes to legislation and ensure that procedures and Parish Council policies are reviewed and revised in line with such changes.

Current Councillors

What the Parish Council does

Parish Councils are statutory bodies, originally created by the Local Government Act 1894 and having powers under a number of different Acts and Regulations (e.g. the Highways Act 1980, the Localism Act 2011, etc.). The Parish Council can raise funds through local taxation, known as the Precept, which is added to the Council Tax bill and collected by the District Council on behalf of the Parish Council. The Parish Council can also apply for grants.

Meetings of the Full Council and Committees are held throughout the year, usually in the Green Room, The Chequered Skipper, Ashton PE8 5LD.

The Parish Council's responsibilities currently include -

  • Amenity Land (Ashton Green)
  • Community Events
  • Community Safety (e.g. Defibrillator, Parish Emergency Plan);
  • Parish Newsletters
  • Planning (as a statutory consultee);
  • Provision of "self-help" gritting bin (within Ashton Village, formerly the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council)
  • Provision of the parish noticeboards;
  • Street Furniture (public bench, certain litter and dog bins);
  • Website (the Council's website)

Parish Council as a Body Corporate

Parish Councils were created by statute in 1894 and have the power to raise money through taxation known as the precept, there is a range of powers for the Council to spend public money.

The Council is a single corporate body in law and no part can operate in isolation. All decisions made by the Council are the responsibility of the Council as a whole. A Council must do what the law requires it to and can undertake an activity only when a specific Act of Parliament allows it.

The Council has a duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the council are followed and is responsible for the policies, performance and activities.

The Parish Council is the 'grass root' tier of local government and has the ability to be closest to the Community to which it serves and represents, and has a duty to serve them all fairly and equitably taking into consideration different interests and concerns.

The Council can establish strong partnership links with the principal authorities such as the District Council and County Council to influence other decision makers for delivery of services to meet local needs and avoid double taxation.

Key Council and Policy Documents

Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

Asset Register

Complaints Policy

Councillor Code of Conduct

Records Management Policy

Risk Management Policy

Risk Register

Standing Orders

Training & Development Policy

Clerk to the Parish Council

The Clerk to the Parish Council